So thanks to the board of the TTR, Stylewars has been approved for a 5-star sanctioning but only if Stylewars can come up with the budget to provide the services required for a 5-star level event. So what does this mean?

What it means is this. Stylewars is 100% going to be run at a 4-star level as in 2011 but there is a possiblity that by July the event may have gained enough support through the Victorian government to run the event as a 5-star. If this happens then Stylewars will announce the upgrade and Stylewars will be the top Open slopestyle event in the southern hemisphere.

Sorry for the confusion but there are a lot of factors involved with the sanctioning and a 5-star event in Australia will be great for the whole industry so well worth trying to make it happen.

So sign up for the newsletter or follow on twitter or facebook to stay in the loop. Registration will start the say after the star level is finalised.

One Response to 4-star but may upgrade to a 5-star. WTF?

  1. Kubern says:

    ..we are all counting the days !!
    I have my fingers crossed for you!!
    From kubern clothing.

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